Infinit Nutrition "Big Sale" January 3rd

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Infinit Nutrition "Big Sale" January 3rd

Pasted from their ad:

Infinit "Big Sale"

That's right, let's start out the new year with a bang! The once a year INFINIT sale is tomorrow January 3rd 2012, Noon EST. Use the discount code THESALE2012 at checkout.

Here is how "The Sale" works.

First hour - 50% off all INFINIT products
Second hour - 40% off
Third hour - 30% off
Fourth hour - 20% off

The Infinit Big Sale is like a race and as we know not everyone wins and some don’t even finish. So...Good luck!

The sale is limited to 2 total items. This can be 2 bags of product (custom, pre-set, MUD or recovery), 2 items out of our store, or one of each. The discount code WILL NOT WORK for more than 2 items.
We will be processing all orders the day after the sale. It is necessary in order for our system to keep your order in line it was received. Keep in mind that your order could take up to 8 weeks to deliver so plan accordingly. All orders are produced in the order that they are received, so the earlier you get your order in, the earlier you will receive.
If you need your order soon or need it for a race, wait until the day after the sale. Outside of the sale, our normal turnaround of 24-48 hours will still apply.
No other discount may be used at the time of the sale.
This is a limited time sale. Infinit is not responsible if you snooze and fail to open your email in time to take part. Nor are we responsible if your boss will not allow you on line at the time of the sale.
Infinit is not responsible if your system crashes during the sale.
All orders must be through our website. No phone in orders will be taken. This includes calling in to say you are having issues with your computer. Run to a coworker’s desk or call a family member.
No phone consults will be accepted during the sale.
Sale price may not be applied to previous orders or to any orders after the sale is over.
Please do not harass Laurie post sale begging for the discount code- she has been trained by the military and will not cave.
Nor send her snapshots of your screen to prove you tried to order during the sale. We are not responsible for computer or operator error.
It would be nice to be able to call any retail company and say hey – last month you had a big sale but I was busy and missed it…I want the sale price today…we love our customers and that would be great for the consumer if it worked, but the reality is it doesn’t. Or they (and Infinit) would be out of business.
To repeat: This is a limited time sale set up to be a ‘race’ so there is no guarantee. Again, Good luck. We hope you are successful but if not there is nothing we can do to help but to encourage you to keep training and try again at the next race.

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