2012 Series Rules

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LA XC Series
2012 Series Rules

Your 2012 series committee is:
James Ramsaur
Eric Heyl
Lynn Gray
James Barrow 

The rules for the series have been reviewed this year by the committee.  The series committee reserves the right to modify the series rules annually and also without notice. This racing series is officially sanctioned by USACycling. All races must be permitted by USACycling and officiated by USAC-certified officials.

LA XC Series
Points System

For every placing in invididual races, racers will be awarded points in the series according to their placing in series-level age group categories, based upon the following scale:

1st – 60
2nd – 55
3rd – 51
4th – 47
5th – 44
6th – 41
7th – 38
8th – 35
9th – 33
10th – 31
11th – 29
12th – 27
13th – 25
14th – 23
15th – 21

16th – 19
17th – 17
18th – 15
19th – 13
20th – 11
21st - 10
22nd – 9
23rd – 8
24th – 7
25th – 6
26th – 5
27th and lower – 4
DNF - 2
DNS - 0
LA XC Series

Categories are listed as available within the series for scoring
All age groups are not required, but are encouraged for registration by
series races.  Races hosting misconvergent categories will be grouped
and scored according to series age group cats based upon available USAC
license information.


Cat 1:  15-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
Cat 2:  15-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+
Cat 3:  10-14, 15-18 (aka Juniors), 19-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50+

Single Speed Open (male and female)

Cat 1:  15-39, 40+
Cat 2:  15-39, 40+
Cat 3:  10-14, 15-18 (aka Juniors), 19-39, 40+

 *Race directors may also host a free 10-6 year old "kid's race" (called Youth by USAC).  This race will not count for series points.  Youth riders should race a course for which the winning time is 30 minutes or less.

LA XC Series
Minimum Requirements

To be eligible for the state championship, all riders must complete at least 4 races
(DNFs not included in 4-race minimum).  No series awards will be given
in categories without at least one racer completing the minimum number
of races. 

There will be two drop races of the seven races in the
2012 series.  If racers complete all seven races, the lowest scores will
be subtracted from their totals.

All racers competing for the championships must possess a valid USAC MTB annual license prior to the series finale race registration.

LA XC Series
Team Challenge

For every race in the series, the best Top 5 finishers' individual points of any USAC-registered team are added together for a team score.

Additionally based upon the largest age-group category's attendance, scoring will be given either 3, 2, or 1, points extra for the largest category, 2nd largest category, and 3rd largest, respectively, to every team member that may compete in said class (including DNFs).


Cat 2 30-39 has 20 entrants, the most of any category for Race #1 in the series.  Rider A and B are the only members of Team X.  They both race in this category, scoring 60 and 55 points individually.  Team X gets a total of 121 points (60+3+55+3) for Race #1.

LA XC Series
The Pro Category

In the spirit of developing competition at the highest level within the series, race Directors of LA XC races should include a Pro Male and Pro Female category for registration. Pro and Cat 1s may be started together. It is generally accepted that pros race the same distance as Cat 1 19-29 and 30-39 racers. Points for the championship series will continue to be tabulated separately between USAC Cat 1 and Pro license holders.

Lets_Ride's picture
With the addition of another

With the addition of another race to the series, will the minimum requirements also be changing with regards to minimum number of races needed to qualify and number of dropped races?

re: minimum races

We have not voted on that rules change yet but right now the working consensus is that the minimum will stay at 4 and the number of drops will stay at 2. In other words, you will be scored on your six best races out of eight in the 2013 series.

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