2012 Championship Jerseys are here

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2012 Championship Jerseys are here

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When are the championship jerseys going to be sent out?

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Jerseys for champions will be mailed this coming week, sorry for the delay. We want to see you out on the trails wearing them before the season starts, and hopefully on the starting line of the first race! For those champions near the Shreveport area, we'll make them available for pickup at the next LOCO meeting. Eastbank Cyclery will hold jerseys for those in the greater New Orleans area. We'll mail the jerseys individually as needed for other areas of the state.

Attention 2012 Champions

All 2012 Championship jerseys have been mailed or sent out as of today. Category winners in the Shreveport area, please arrange to pick up your jerseys from LAXC board member Adam Hart at a LOCO meeting or otherwise. All others have been delivered or mailed individually. Those 8 champs in the Shreveport area are:

Catherine Moore
John Scripture
Gary Todd
Garrett Rolfe
Will Rolfe
Jakub Haba
Cody Taylor
Tiffany Taylor

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