Everyone Can Race!

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LA XC Series
Everyone Can Race!

Everyone Can Race!   That's our motto for new racers this year.

If you were thinking about racing, come on out and join us for the series.

Don't worry about your bike or your fitness. Anyone with fat tires and a helmet can race in Category 3. If you can ride a lap or two at your local trail, then you can do it! Friendly people, riding fast, getting dirty. Come on out and join us!

Check out the flyer at right with the race dates and click here for more info about each raceHere are the rules of the series. If you have any questions, feel free to post them up here or email info@laxcseries.com.

LA XC Series
How To Prepare For Your First MTB Race
The best XC racer in America, Todd Wells, gives some valuable tips on your first time out there:


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